Uday Chand De , Krishanu MandalDownload 387162 byte View Abstract  
  Ricci Solitons and Gradient Ricci Solitons on N(k)-Paracontact Manifolds (307-320)  

  Mutlay DoganDownload 415922 byte View Abstract  
  On Dynamical Behavior of the p-adic λ-Ising Model on Cayley Tree (321-335)  

  S.L. Gefter , A.L. PivenDownload 445945 byte View Abstract  
  Implicit Linear Nonhomogeneous Di erence Equation in Banach and Locally Convex Spaces (336-353)  

  Bohdana Hladysh , Alexandr PrishlyakDownload 1812417 byte View Abstract  
  Simple Morse Functions on an Oriented Surface with Boundary (354-368)  

  Chuanzhong Li , Huijuan ZhouDownload 507880 byte View Abstract  
  Solutions of the Frobenius Coupled KP Equation (369-378)  

  Sampa Pahan , Buddhadev PalDownload 418665 byte View Abstract  
  On Einstein Sequential Warped Product Spaces (379-394)  

  Sumit Kumar Sharma , Shashank GoelDownload 381699 byte View Abstract  
  Frames in Quaternionic Hilbert Spaces (395-411)  

  G.M. Sklyar , P. PolakDownload 376158 byte View Abstract  
  Notes on the Asymptotic Properties of Some Class of Unbounded Strongly Continuous Semigroups (412-424)  

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