Tuncay Aktosun , Ricardo WederDownload 454097 byte View Abstract  
  Inverse Scattering on the Half Line for the Matrix Schrödinger Equation (237-269)  

  Pavel Exner , Andrii KhrabustovskyiDownload 406369 byte View Abstract  
  Gap Control by Singular Schrödinger Operators in a Periodically Structured Metamaterial (270-285)  

  Vadim Gorin , Sasha SodinDownload 339834 byte View Abstract  
  The KPZ Equation and Moments of Random Matrices (286-296)  

  Shinichi KotaniDownload 502550 byte View Abstract  
  Construction of KdV Flow I. τ-Function via Weyl Function (297-335)  

  Hermann König , Vitali MilmanDownload 434563 byte View Abstract  
  The Extended Leibniz Rule and Related Equations in the Space of Rapidly Decreasing Functions (336-361)  

  L. Pastur and M. ShcherbinaDownload 446372 byte View Abstract  
  Szegö-Type Theorems for One-Dimensional Schrödinger Operator with Random Potential (Smooth Case) (362-388)